"IBM Flagship product launches new security product incorperating Security First SPxBitFiler-IPA" more        IBM Flagship product launches new security product incorperating Security First SPxBitFiler-IPA" more "IBM and Security First® Corp. to Develop Integrated Security Technology Cryptographic chip solution" more        "Security First Corp. Launches SPxConnect™" more       "Security First Corp. Announces Joint Development Agreement with IBM." more        "Unisys Wins Contract to Test and Evaluate Innovative Data Protection Technology Solutions at US Special Operations Command." more        "Pentagon reviews Stealth Encryption Prototype." more     

“IBM's flagship product PureApplication, for PureSystems, launches new security product – incorporating the Security First SPxBitFiler-IPA under IBM product number 5725-L53 and other IBM associated part numbers (D10N0LL, E0130LL, D10N1LL)”

A single solution to multiple challenges.


The SecureParser uses the newly discovered transformational science – two factor secret sharing and patented technologies for keyed information dispersal algorithms and cryptographic splitting. Applied across the SPx Product line, the technology has been validated at FIPS 140-2 Level 2 (Certificate # 1430) by National Institute of Standards and Technology. (More . . . )

SecureParser Extended (SPx) Products at Work


SFC has developed a series of products that combined make up SPxPortfolio™. These products are all built around SecureParser Extended™ (SPx™) core technology (SPxCore™). They address both DaR and DiM applications building availability and security directly into the data. (More . . )

IBM SPxBitFiler-IPA now available

Encryption pattern for the IBM PureApplication System

According to a recent study, over half of cloud projects stall because of security concerns. Offering businesses the security they need to pursue complex cloud-based opportunities, the SPxBitFiler-IPA pattern adds an extra... (More . . )

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