Security First Corp. is proud to support H.RES 873

Resolution introduced by Rep. Steve Israel urges the use of cryptographic splitting, the strongest available form of data-centric security, across government institutions to secure sensitive and personal information.

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Wowrack Healthcare Cloud Features Security First Corp.

We've partnered with Wowrack to help their customers secure data with our SPx™ technology

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In America Documentary Features Security First Corp.

Program hosted by James Earl Jones features Security First Corp. as an industry leader in data security with it's groundbreaking SPx™ technology.

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Security First Corp. featured in Frost & Sullivan Report

Frost & Sullivan highlight IBM Cloud Data Encryption Services in a new executive brief, "Cloud Computing without Security Compromises". 

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SPxSHARC for VMware

SPxSHARC for VMware is the simplest way to secure your virtual machines. See how you can secure all of the data in your vSphere with the click of a button.

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Perimeter Security Isn't Enough

With cyber breaches on the rise, it's nearly inevitable that your firewall will be compromised. Learn what it takes to protect data at its core.

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SPx Technology Has Changed the Game


Protect your data – and your reputation

Your data is safe no matter where it lives — at rest or in motion — so you can expand your enterprise into the cloud with confidence. A unique combination of certified encryption, multi-factor secret sharing with keyed information dispersal and cryptographic random bit-splitting have earned SPx technology more than 295 patents.

Recover data so fast you'll never know it was lost

With SPx Technology, you have redundancy in geographically different locations. Even if one or more sites go down, users still have access to the files they need. And in the event of a site disaster, you can easily reclaim lost data with a few clicks of the mouse – without interrupting accessibility or business continuity.

FIPS 140-2

Meet compliance while cutting costs

SPx makes it easy to meet compliance regulations and standards by providing users with a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 certified, Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4+ compliance solution that is easy to use, directly from the file system of your OS. Our technology also eliminates the need for traditional hardware such as key management appliances, reducing total cost of ownership.

We Go Beyond Traditional Network Protection



Protect your data no matter where it lives, even in the cloud.


High Availability

Never lose access to data in the event of a site failure.


Disaster Recovery

Rebuild lost data with a just a few clicks of the mouse.

Standing Together Against Today's Cyber Threats

Security First Corp. has partnered with some familiar faces — to provide breakthrough software-defined data-centric protection solutions that make data completely secure, highly available and resilient.



Cloud has changed how businesses work. But concerns over cloud security have proven a big barrier for many. That is why IBM chose SPx Technology to power IBM Cloud Data Encryption Services (ICDES), IBM Secure Data Connect (ISDC), and PureSystems SPxBitFiler-IPA security solutions so clients can deploy to the cloud in confidence.

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Security First Corp. worked side by side with Unisys, lending both technology and cyber security expertise for the creation of Unisys Stealth™, 2014 winner of the American Technology Award for Cyber Security

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Security First Corp. works with Trivalent at the forefront of providing privacy software to stakeholders in the Department of Defense and various government agencies, as well as to corporate partners.  Today, Trivalent is at the forefront of providing privacy software solution to retail, health, and mobile markets.

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Fellow cyber security solutions provider Sengex looked to Security First Corp. in the development of its BitSafe™ solution suite, the company’s leading cyber security software.

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Security First Corp. and Gentag have partnered to secure NFC and other IoT sensor soluions for personal identification, contactless payments, healthcare, fitness, and home applications.  Gentag is pioneering the use of disposable, ultrathin wearable biosensors that can be read with NFC-enabled devices, which will make healthcare and consumer diagnostics more affordable and accessible to all worldwide. 

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We help you meet compliance regulations and standards with ease.


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